Roza and Steve’s Wedding and Reception at Bridal Veil Lakes


From our first meeting with Roza and Steve, we knew it was going to be a great event!  We started with a 2 hour consultation to discuss all their ideas and the options we could offer.  During the meeting, Executive Chef Tamara provided a complimentary lunch of two seasonal options for their dinner.  Event schedule, rentals, decorating options, beverages, and service styles were all covered and the initial decisions made.  With this input we developed an 11 page, detailed event plan for their wedding and ceremony at Bridal Veil Lakes.

Layout and event plan for Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding

Voila’s layout and event schedule for Roza and Steve

Roza and Steve reviewed the preliminary plan, and after we made a few changes, we were very excited that they hired us to plan and cater their wedding.  Our next step was to develop a event flow and layout with schedule & decorating details for our day-of staff and event managers.

Four weeks before the event, we meet again to review plans, make adjustments to the menu based upon seasonal availability of fresh ingredients, and selected linen colors and centerpieces designs.  To simplify the decision on who would get to sit at the Bride & Groom’s table of honor, they choose to have a sweetheart table!  We updated the event plan for their revised guest count and made final menu choices.

Ready to walk down the aisle at Bridal Veil Lakes

Bride and Father before Ceremony

Two weeks before the event, Roza and Steve had their final guest count which ended up having an awkward situation of only two people at one of the tables.  To resolve this problem, we suggested that we bring a 72″ table which could accommodate the extra guests to keep all the tables full.

The event manager, chef, and service staff of Voila Catering arrived at the venue 3 hours before the event.  With event plan and layout in hand, they set up the beautiful white tent liner and pole drapes in the canopy, set the ceremony chairs, installed white and blue lighted Chinese paper lanterns in the pavilion, set up the sign-in & cake tables, set the dining tables, and put the flowers & favors on the tables.  A self serve beverage station with Basil Lemonade, Iced Water, and Orange & Mint infused Iced Tea sweetened with Honey was provided for the guests.

The day of the wedding, Roza looked stunning in her white dress and Steve was the classic handsome gentleman.  As always at Bridal Veil Lakes, the ceremony was beautiful with white chairs on green grass, a flower decorated arch, and a stunning lake backdrop…with the occasional fish jump and wild bird.


Bridal Veil Lakes Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony at Bridal Veil Lakes


Perfect picture opportunity at Bridal Veil Lakes

Bride and Groom on Bridal Veil Lake

The newlyweds did their together photos after the ceremony including a canoeing trip across the lake and a few minutes to rest and reflect before joining the guests for dinner.  For the guests after the ceremony, Voila Catering served NW Micro brews and NW Wines while servers passed delicate hors d’oeuvres to the guests.

Having great food for their guests to enjoy was of great importance for Roza and Steve.  One of the reasons why thy chose Voila Catering was their process of cooking all the food at Bridal Veil Lakes. Serving food hot out of the oven is a critical factor in food quality and safety.

Family Style Dinner at Bridal Veil Lakes

Menu Card for Family Style Dinner


After the passed hors d’oeuvres, guests were seated to a Wild Greens Salad with fresh local Blackberries, Crumbled Chevre Cheese, Candied Almonds and a drizzle of Balsamic Vinaigrette.  Dinner was served family style with a Roasted Chicken Breast served with fresh Summer Corn and Cherry Tomato Relish, Sautéed Summer Zucchini, Yellow Squash, and Red Bell Pepper with Fresh Tarragon Butter, and Roasted Rosemary & Garlic Fingerling Potatoes.  Iced Water & Grand Central Artisan Breads were at the tables for the guests.


Canopy Liner and Pole Drapes from Voila Catering

Sweetheart Table with Pole Drapes and White Canopy Liner



Platters of food were brought to the tables after salads were cleared by the uniformed service staff.  There was plenty of food and the extras were taken home by the family for the gathering the next day. After the dinner, the service staff passed sparkling wine and the  the guests joined Roza and Steve for toasts in the pavilion.  A traditional cake cutting ceremony was followed by the formal dances.

After dinner toast in the pavilion at Bridal Veil Lakes

Toasts in Bridal Veil Lakes Pavilion




The evening finished with lots of dancing under the Blue and White Chinese Lanterns.  The service crew cleared tables, put away dining and ceremony chairs, gathered flowers and extra favors, recycled glassware, removed trash, and took down all of the decorations making it an easy end of the night for the couple, their friends, and their family.

Paper lanters decorate the pavilion at Bridal Veil Lake

Blue and White lighted paper lanterns from Voila in Bridal Veil Lakes Pavilion

It was a perfect event and beautiful evening.  We loved planning this very special lifetime event with Roza and Steve and hope we remain friends for many years to come!

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  1. Mark McGuire says:

    Your work at Bridal Veil Lakes for Roza and Steve’s event really made their day! Thank you!

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