Oregon Rail Heritage Center Retirement Event

Catering at Rail Heritage Center in Portland Oregon

Perfect Sunny Day at Oregon Rail Heritage Center

When retiring from the Union Pacific Railroad, what better location than the Oregon Rail Heritage Center to throw a retirement party?  And when the host is busy with her job flying to and from her real estate office in Los Angeles, the professional event planners at Voila Catering make everything easy and the event smooth!

Starting with the schedule of the guest arrival, event activities, and planned guest departure time, our planners with Exec. Chef Tamara develop a menu featuring the fresh seasonal ingredients that will meet the all guest’s need for food.  The menu is carefully crafted based upon the kitchen facilities and policies of the Oregon Rail Heritage Center.  While the Rail Heritage Center does not have a kitchen, Voila Catering can bring our own commercial convection ovens and cook everything on-site for the ultimate in catering food quality.

Catering Menu at Oregon Rail Heritage Center

Custom Seasonal Spring Menu at Rail Heritage Center

With the event going over the dinner period, most guests will be hungry and have the expectation that they will be served the equivalent of a meal.  This is particularly important when serving alcohol so your guests can enjoy the party and get home safe to their families.

This custom menu at the Oregon Rail Heritage Center features seasonal Spring ingredients including Wild Salmon, Spring Leeks, and local Asparagus and a hot soup in a demitasse cup to ward off the cool evening air.

At every large event, there are always guests with special dietary needs and it is important that everyone can enjoy some food at special events.  This menu included vegetarian, dairy free, and gluten free menu options for the guests.

Rail Heritage Center Salmon Cake Catering

Wild Salmon Cake at Rail Heritage Center


Wild Salmon Potato Cakes were sauteed at the Oregon Rail Heritage Center and served with a caper and fresh dill sauce in our mini-martini glasses.  Our unformed server team passed these warm treats to the guests as they explored the steam locomotives.



Catering at Portland Oregon Rail Heritage Center

Beer & Wine Bar Tending at Oregon Rail Heritage Center

Northwest wines and local microbrews were served by our bartending staff at the Oregon Rail Heritage Center.  This our standard beverage selection, the client is charged only for actual consumption, making our beverage service very economical.


Wonton Canape Oregon Rail Heritage

Smoked Sturgeon Wonton Canape at Rail Heritage Center




While the typical catering company will send off a couple servers with trays of pre-made platters of food unwrapped on a buffet, the delicate food of Voila Catering is best when server passed to the guests.  Through out the event, our chef team is individually building the hors oeuvres so they are fresh and at their peak of quality.  And by not having a buffet of food at the end of the event, you save money by not buying food you did not need!

Voila Catering at OR Rail Heritage Ctr

Seasonal Ingredients are best at OR Rail Heritage Center from Voila Catering



Crisp Italian Pancetta Bacon with local roasted Asparagus and cream Chevre on a crisp toast makes everyone happy.


Contact us at events@voila-catering.com to start planning your event for 10 to 300.  For more information visit the Oregon Rail Heritage Center webpage and visit our webpage with more information as well.

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