Bridal Veil Lake: Lindsay and Adam’s Wedding


Dinner reception at Bridal Veil Lake by Voila Catering

Lindsay and Adam enjoying their Dinner at Bridal Veil Lake reception

Tables, centerpieces, and flowers set by the Voila Team

Family-Style Dinner Tables set by Voila Team


Naturally Adam, a TV sportscaster, and Lindsey, a PR executive, wanted a wedding and reception to remember and the team at Voila was excited to plan and execute all the details.  Held at the beautiful Bridal Veil Lakes, our team took care of all of the details from a strategically placed tissue box to a trunk of blankets for the guests to enjoy the sunset over the gorge.  Linens, flatware, china, Chinese paper lanterns, dreamy white tent liner and pole drapes, were all planned and managed by our team allowing the bride and groom to enjoy their family and guests.

The ultimate in food quality at Bridal Veil Lake from Voila Catering

Family Style Dinner Menu




Having quality food was important for their guests so Lindsay and Adam made sure that they selected a caterer that would provide only fresh seasonal ingredients and would cook all the food at Bridal Veil Lake right before serving.  Executive Chef Tamara developed a custom menu for with local Hood Strawberries, fresh salmon, mouth-watering beef, and fluffy fingerling potatoes.

For quality food, Voila always cooks everything on-site.

Always Cooked On-Site



After server passed champagne toasts, pie cutting tradition, and a evening of dancing, Lindsay and Adam left their Bridal Veil Lake wedding in a vintage Rolls-Royce with guests waving sparklers to celebrate their 4th of July wedding!

Simple flower centerpieces set by Voila at Bridal Veil Lake

Tables and Centerpieces set by Voila Staff

Rented and install by Voila were white tent liner and pole drapes

White Pole Drapes and Tent Liner by Voila

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