Mobile Cocktail Bartending


Bartending Chef-Inspired Cocktails in Portland Oregon

Bartending Cocktails from the Chefs of Voila Catering

Bartending Cocktails and Mixed Drinks

Voila Catering has been providing bartending and beverage service since 2001 in Portland Oregon.  More than just providing the best food possible, we also provide mobile bartending at your special event.  Combine amazing gourmet food, innovative chef-inspired cocktails, affordable wines, elegant party rentals, and all your party guests will be thrilled with the success of a smoothly run event!

Menu for Martini Cocktail Party in Portland Oregon

A Sample Martini Cocktail Party Menu

Anyone can pour a rum and coke, but it takes the mind of a chef to develop drink recipes that will really thrill your guest with wonderful flavors.  Some of our past favorites are:

Absolute Rosemary Spritz – chef infused rosemary syrup brings an aromatic touch to a classic refreshing vodka drink

Fresh Meyer Lemon Sidecar- made with the fresh meyer lemons of winter, this is a brilliant refresh of a classic

Sparkling French Martini – Chambord and Crème de Cassis shaken with Pineapple and Vodka for a beautiful cocktail with a light foam head

Amethyst Cosmopolitan – A beautiful purple cocktail gives way the exotic lavender-cranberry surprise

Summer Peach Mojito – fresh Sauvie Island Peaches form the base of this popular summer drink

Ginger Bourbon Fizz – ginger and bourbon sweetened with real maple syrup

Blue Sapphire French 75 – a pretty blue champagne cocktail laced with Sapphire gin served in a tall flute

Midori Cosmopolitan – a fun, bright green summer Cosmopolitan with White Cranberry Juice

Beer, Wine and Non-Alcoholic  Beverage Service

In addition to these delightful mixed concoctions from our bartenders, we also can provide the perfect wine and micro-brew selection for our special event.  Learn more about our beer, wine, and beverage service on our Drinks Page!