Dana and Kasim’s June Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding and Reception

Dana and Kasim were both finishing up their residency at OHSU and planning a wedding was not at the top of their priority list when her Mother Christine first contacted Voila Catering in February.  Christine was very excited to hear that we had over 1o years of experience and more than 75 weddings just at Bridal Veil Lakes.  We talked through all the different options for the event and developed a preliminary 11 page event plan which was shared with the Bride and Groom.  Based upon this initial plan, Christine hired Voila Catering for the wedding!

Wedding Planning at Bridal Veil

Planning a successful wedding takes much more than just decorations

In March, we had our initial meeting with the Dana and Kasim and reviewed the initial event concepts for the Bridal Veil Lakes wedding and reception.  We customized the menu, service style, and beverages for their personal preferences and did an initial layout and logistics plan.

Three weeks before the Bridal Veil Lakes wedding, the couple had completed their residency obligations and we dived deep into the wedding details.  Final guest counts, special dietary needs, and table assignments were reviewed and updated.

We were all excited when four days before the June wedding, we confirmed that the weather was for a warm sunny day and that changing to a rain plan was not appropriate.

Ceremony at Bridal Veil for Dana and Kasim

Wedding Ceremony at Bridal Veil Lakes

Dinner Tables set by Voila Catering Staff

Dinner Tables set by Voila Staff


The big day was beautiful and sunny.

The bride was gorgeous and the groom handsome.

And everything went exactly as planned!



Socail hour at Bridal Veil

Server Passed Hors d’oeuvres during Social Hour


After the ceremony, the guests gathered in the Bridal Veil Lakes Pavilion and around the bar for a social hour while our uniformed staff passed hors d’oeuvres.   With all of the family pictures and most of their couple pictures before the ceremony, the newlyweds were able to join the guests and socialize before being seating to their early summer wild greens salad with local strawberries, creamy chevre, and candied Oregon hazelnuts drizzled with our own balsamic vinaigrette.

wedding catering menu

Hors d’oeuvre and Dinner Menu by Voila Catering




After the salads, fresh out of the our on-site ovens, our staff brought platters of fresh Columbia Steelhead with a Lemon Chive Beurre Blanc and Roasted Spring Asparagus and Carrots to the tables.  The second course of Lavender and Black Pepper crusted Cascade Natural Hanger Steak was served with Garlic Roasted Yukon Gold, Red, and Peruvian Purple Potatoes.




Catering Steelhead Dinner at Bridal Veil

Fresh Columbia Steelhead Filets with Chive Beurre Blanc

Beef Hanger Steak at Bridal Veil

Catering Lavender crusted Cascade Natural Beef Hanger Steak

Catering Roasted Potatoes at Bridal Veil

Fresh Herb Garlic Roasted Peruvian Purple, Yukon Gold and Red Potatoes

Catering dinner at Bridal Veil Wedding

Plated Dinner for the Bride and Groom















We always want our Brides and Grooms to enjoy their dinner on their big day.  So we served the Bride and Groom a special plated meal which allowed them to enjoy their it before visiting with the guests as they enjoyed the more leisurely family style dinner service.

Catering beef dinner

Caterer Chef Nick checking temperatures on the Beef



While very unusual for the typical catering company, Voila Catering always brings a chef team and portable commercial convection ovens to every event and cooks all the food on-site, right before serving.  This is the only possible way to serve 180 guests a quality catered meal at Bridal Veil Lakes.



At the end of dinner, our staff tray passed sparkling wine and sparkling apple cider to the seated guests to toast the newlyweds.  The couple thanked all the guests for attending and asked them watch the ceremonial wedding cake cutting in the pavilion.  While the couple enjoyed in their first dances in the Bridal Veil Lakes Pavilion, our chef team cut and distributed the wedding cake to the guests.

This Bridal Veil Lakes wedding which was planned by Weddings By Voila and with gourmet catered dinner from Voila Catering ending with music and dancing in the pavilion and joyous celebration of the couple’s new life together!

Dancing at Bridal Veil Lake

Celebration and Dancing in Bridal Veil Lake Pavilion


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