The Best Catering at Bridal Veil Lakes: Beef Tenderloin and Garlic Roasted Potatoes

Catering Beef Tenderloin and Garlic Roasted Potatoes by Voila Catering at Bridal Veil Lakes

“Its All about the Food!”

The professional staff at Voilà Catering prides themselves on the food we serve our guests. Great food starts with Chef Tamara Kay planning the menu using local and seasonal ingredients and developing a perfect menu for the customer’s guests, event style, and event location. Service of the quality menu is executed by our professional chefs assembling all the delicate hors d’oeuvres and actually cooking all the hot food on-site in our commercial ovens. You will be thrilled with the difference of catered food served hot out of the oven!

Catering Blue Cheese and Watercress filled Cherry Tomatoes

Summer Blue Cheese and Watercress Cherry Tomatoes

Voilà Catering only employs experienced and trained professional chefs to make your event’s food. Our skilled chefs make all our food “from-scratch”, never using pre-prepared, pre-made, or pre-cooked “products” that are commonly available from corporate food services or big-box retailers. By employing real chefs and rewarding them well for their skills and dedication, Voilà Catering is not limited to the typical grocery store platters and allows us to offer real restaurant quality food your guests will rave about for years!

Every season has its own ingredients and so Exec. Chef Tamara suggests different menus month to month depending upon the availability of ingredients.  Fresh, seasonal, and local ingredients taste best and cost the least….why would you want anything else?

The following page has priced sample menus from past events Sample Event Menus.   If your event is in the Spring after the flowers are blooming and before the heat of the summer then, click here to download our Voila’s Spring Menu PDF.  If your event is after the first 90 degree summer day and before the cool days of Fall, click here to download our Voila’s Summer Menu PDF.  If your event is after the leaves are falling and before the fruit trees start to flower again, click here to download our Voila’s Fall and Winter Menu.  Please note that availability of seasonal sensitive ingredients will vary with seasonal weather and may not be certain until several weeks before your event….of course, we are flexible and don’t need to finalize the menu until availability is known.

Catering Wild Boar Crostini Portland

Exotic Wild Boar Crostini with Pecan Butter and Apple


We are all about the food and we have many images of our food at actual events.  Here are the links to actual photos  from our events: Beverages, Hors d’Oeuvres, Salads, Entrees and Sides, and Desserts.  We also have many real images from our catered events on our blog page at our Catering Events Blog.  To keep up to date on our events and new food ideas, “like” us on facebook at