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Catering food for Business Open House in Portland

Artistic Presentation of Delicious Food by Voila Catering

Impress your guests with the artistic food from the Chefs of Voila Catering in Portland.  We start planning your event with a complimentary consultation.  We cover every detail from schedule to rentals to beverages to entertainment and lighting so the day of the event there will be no surprises and everything goes to plan.  As professionals who have been doing events since 2001, you should not expect anything less.

Voila catering's chef preparing catering hors d'oeuvres

Fresh Cracked Black Pepper on Smoked Pepper Toasts


At events by Voila Catering, we don’t bring the typical pre-made and wrapped platters of food.  Each item is hand-assembled and finished on-site by our chef team.  And while we finish items on site, there is a great deal of preparation before we arrive.  To make our Smoked Pepper Toasts, we start by making our own ricotta Cheese and smoking yellow and red bell peppers with Oregon Alderwood for two hours in our commercial smoker.

Catering Individually prepared dungeness crab cocktail

Dungeness Crab Cocktail by Voila Catering




Fresh Oregon Dungeness Crab tops creamy avocado with a burnoise of fresh mango, slivers of green onion, and curled red bell pepper for one of Voila Catering’s favorite heavy hors d’oeuvres.  This is then drizzled with a real vanilla bean citronette dressing right before serving to the lucky guests!

Small Plate catered by Voila Catering for Portland Open House Event

Catering Bison Tenderloin with Arugula, Manchego, and Barletto Beans




When the event is over a meal period and you want to give your guests the equivalent of a meal, Voila Catering offers a variety of small plates.  Chef Tamara of Voila Catering designs our small plates with food that is easy to eat at a standing reception with just a fork or spoon.  Cooked on-site and served warm, slices of roasted bison tenderloin are served with an Italian Barletto Bean,  shavings of Spanish Manchego Cheese, and a salad of peppery Arugula making hearty small plate.


Bartending beer, wine, and cocktails at portland events and parties

Bartender’s view from behind the Bar!


Planning and managing the beverages at a catered event is as important as the food.  After 500+ events, we understand how much people really drink, how many and what kind of glassware you will need, and how much ice is needed most every kind of event. It is our objective to offer the right variety, have the right quantity, and have all your beverages at the right temperature.  And with Voila Catering’s affordable beer and wine prices with consumption based pricing, most clients are relieved to have us plan and manage the beverage service so they can enjoy the event.



Individual hors d'oeuvres by voila catering in portland

Server Passed Hors d’oeuvres at Open House Event

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