Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding for Breanne and Jesse

Family Photos at Bridal Veil

Family Photos before Ceremony at Gorge Overlook at Bridal Veil Lakes

Bridal Veil Lakes is one of the most beautiful locations for a wedding and we were very excited to be able to help Breanne and Jesse plan and cater their BIG day!  The venue is big and the options are many at Bridal Veil Lakes….with 10+ years experience and over 75 weddings, the planners at Voila Catering were able to help Breanne and Jesse make all the best choices for their wedding day!

The weather on the last weekend of May can be a bit unpredictable and a back-up rain plan is essential.  Since Voila Catering was also catering Sarah & Cam’s wedding the following day at Bridal Veil Lakes, we were able to combine and share the additional sub-rental costs in case of rain.  Fortunately, rain was not going to be an issue for this May wedding!  Instead with a forecast for 90+ degree weather, Voila Catering added bottled water before the ceremony to keep the guests cook and hydrated.  Having Voila Catering manage all these details the few days before the wedding can be a huge stress relief!

Wedding Logistics at Bridal Veil Lakes

Details, Details, Details! Planning is the most important factor in a successful wedding.

Ceremony at Bridal Veil

Father walking beautiful Bride Breanne to her ceremony!

Wedding Ceremony

Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding Ceremony



Ceremony across Bridal Veil Lake

Wedding Ceremony at Bridal Veil Lakes


While the ceremony is in progress, the professional staff of Voila Catering is taking care of all the details: icing beer at the bar, pre-opening wine bottles, setting up up non-alcoholic glassware and beverages, finishing hors d’oeuvres, lighting candles, setting up buffets, and adjusting the centerpiece flowers.

During the mingling and social period after the ceremony, the beer and wine bar was opened our staff passed gourmet hors d’oeuvres:

  • Seared Salmon Bites with White Miso on crisp Wonton Canapes
  • Fresh Oregon Bay Shrimp Ceviche in refreshing Cucumber Cups
  • Alder Smoked Pepper Crostini with Garlic Aioli and housemade Ricotta Cheese
PB and J Stars from Voila Catering

Catering good Food for every age guest!

After an hour and a quarter of guests mingling, Voila Catering’s staff opened two double-sided dinner buffets and invited the newlyweds and their wedding party to the hot food just prepared on-site by the Voila Chef team.  Guests were invited to follow and with four buffet lines, everyone was able to sit down together for their meal.  Breanne and Jesse selected a Spring Strawberry Salad with Candied Hazelnuts, Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Dijon Creme, fresh Spring Asparagus Spears, and Roasted Peruvian Purple, Red, and Yukon Gold Potatoes.  For the large number of kids attending, we provide PB&J stars, Mac N Cheese, and fresh seasonal fruit boxes for the younger crowd.  At the end of dinner, Voila’s service team passed sparkling Prosecco for the formal toasts!

Centrally located, the pavilion is a perfect location for the first dances at Bridal Veil

First Dances in Bridal Veil’s Pavilion

Bridal Veil Lakes Canopy

Elegant Canopy Liner and Pole Drapes from Voila Catering



First dances, Cake Cutting and open dancing take place after the dinner in Bridal Veil Lake’s covered Pavilion.  A slightly larger space than the canopy, the pavilion provides a more sheltered space for evening activities, short walls to leave a drink while dancing, and better acoustics for dance music.

Photos of the gorge from Bridal Veil Lakes

Late afternoon Photos at Gorge Overlook

With Voila Catering planning and managing most of the event tasks of the day, Breanne and Jesse and their family, all enjoyed their Bridal Veil Lakes wedding and reception!

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