Angela and Jeff’s Long Farm Barn Wedding


Wedding Planning:

Angela and Jeff started planning their June wedding in December with Voila Catering and Weddings By Voila at the recommendation of the owners of The Long Farm Barn.  Every event wedding and event with Voila Catering is different and most start with a consultation meeting to discuss our service offerings and the client’s dreams.   When there are multiple stakeholders involved with the planning, we recommend that as many as possible join in on this initial planning meeting.   We often plan this first meeting over a lunch period and provide a complimentary meal from Executive Chef Tamara.  We custom design our event plan around the client’s desires and in consideration of budget constraints. Three months before the wedding, we meet with Angela and Jeff at Long Farm Barn to discuss the logistics of the venue and event.  Flow for the guest from parking to ceremony, and then from social hour to dinner, and from toasts to dancing were all planned for a smooth guest experience.  With a June wedding, the possibility of inclement weather definitely needs to included as an option.  Size and locations for canopies were determined and reservations were made….important for a Rose Festival Weekend! Six weeks before the wedding, we review the menu and the budget, making a few adjustments.  Linen colors and final head table decisions were made.  Two weeks before the event, final guest counts were provided and the event plan updated.  Four days before the event, the weather was looking perfect and we canceled the canopy!  Our team was on-site the day before to manage the sub-rental company and to stage the tables and ceremony chairs!

Long Farm Barn Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony at Long Farm Barn

 Wedding Reception:

Long Farm Barn saloon for wedding reception

A western theme saloon with micro-brews and NW Wines at Long Farm Barn


After the ceremony, the guests moved to the bar and tall cocktail table area where our uniformed servers passed elegant individual hors d’oeuvres while the couple did their post-ceremony wedding photos with the beautiful backdrop of Long Farm Barn.




Our chef team prepared the following hors d’oeuvres for Jeff and Angela which were tray passed by our server team during the social period:

  • Seared Ahi Tuna Wonton Canape with Mediteranean Orange-Caper Relish
  • Bourbon Molasses Beef Brisket on a Black Pepper Biscuit with Pickled Red Onion
  • Blue Cheese and Crushed Hazelnut coated Red Grapes

Angela and Jeff selected the following menu for their Long Farm Barn wedding reception with Chef Tamara which featured fresh, seasonal ingredients:

  • Baby Greens Salad with local Hood Strawberries, Candied Almonds, Creamy Chevre and our housemade Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • Oregon Hazelnut Crusted fresh Chicken Breast with a from-scratch Lemon Beurre Blanc Sauce
  • Roasted Angus Beef Tenderloin served with a Red Wine Demi Glace
  • Roasted Peruvian Purple, Red, and Yukon Gold Potatoes
  • Grand Central Artisan Breads and Butter

Our Chef team brought sauté stations and two full sized portable convection ovens to cook all the food, from a raw state, at Long Farm Barn right before serving.  Because it is important to serve all your valued guests a complete meal, we offered our Spring Spinach, housemade Ricotta, and Pesto Lasagna for their vegetarian guests.

Dinner Menu for wedding reception at Long Farm Barn

Seasonal Dinner Menu at Long Farm Barn

Head Table at Long Farm Barn Wedding

Dinner at Long Farm Barn with 32 person head table



Angela and Jeff wanted to have a head table with the entire wedding party and their dates…so we arranged for special 36″ wide tables (6″ wider than the standard banquet tables) to allow for space for centerpieces, candles, and water carafes with the 32 person wedding party on each side of one 32′ long head table.  Jeff and Angela’s families were seated at reserved 10 person tables for dinner.

Long Farm Barn dancing

Dancing at the Reception at the Long Farm Barn



During dinner, our service staff passed our red and white wines to the guests at the tables.  Towards the end of the dinner, our staff passed flutes of sparkling wine and cider to the guests to toast to the newlyweds.  During the toasts, our team moved the bar from the outside reception area into the 100 year old barn to finish the evening with cake, formal dances, and a fun filled dance party!

Long Farm Barn Reception

Wedding Reception Barn at Long Farm Barn Venue

At the end of the evening, the families were able to take home the extra food and our team cleaned up all the tables, chairs, linens, glassware, flatware and removed the trash and recycling allowing the Jeff and Angela to depart directly to their hotel!  Knowledgeable planning with Weddings By Voila and the on-site cooking for fresh seasonal food made this a wedding which no one will ever forget!

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